Sunday, February 10, 2008

An Introduction to The Polsnulspace Blog....

Obsession, passion or just plain lunacy? Thats just a few of the words I've used when attempting to describe my movie based collecting habits over the past few years. What is at the heart of my collecting, you ask? Well As I've just said,its movies! Movies, movies and even more movies! This Blogamatron is a means to share with anyone who is interested, the story of my enjoyment of movies. From the early days of VHS, discovering I could link my VCR to my stereo, going Pro-Logic, Big ass Laserdiscs, going digital for the first time and then right through to the present day of home cinema, prop replicas and screen used props and both limited and rare DVDs.
Its been an interesting journey over the last 17 years or so and it has cost me a bloody fortune but funnily enough, that doesn't seem to be putting me off and there seems to be no end in sight. Anyhoo, have a wee look-see through my blog and see what I've been doing for what seems to be forever and a day.....Enjoy!!!

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